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Vikela Afrika Waste Care is a young and dynamic company which has been formed with individuals who have vast experience in the Medical Waste business. Vikela’s aim is to become one of the preferred suppliers in the Medical Waste industry.

Our target clients are Government Institutions as well as private groups. Vikela is in the process of applying for a license to build a state of the art medical waste treatment plant in KZN. Once built it will be the first plant of its kind in South Africa using totally green technology which will be able to treat all types of medical waste. Our aim is to build similar plants in each of the major provinces to assist in providing a solution for treating medical waste near to the source. In the meantime we have an agreement in place with Enviroserv to receive any waste which we collect.

One of our aims is to give back to the local community in which we operate, and we will assist some of those in the local community to start and manage a business which will create employment and will be a sustainable income source for themselves. We are able to supply a full range of products which are used to contain medical waste, all of these products have been tested and approved by SABS. The companies members are Phillip Chonco and N Chonco The company is headed up by Phillip. Chonco was among the group that introduced autoclave technology to South Africa whilst he was working at a sister company. He has subsequently with his experience and vast knowledge of the industry managed to find technology to treat human tissue which is currently still been incinerated. We have secured exclusive rights for this technology and we are very excited that it will be a viable alternative to incineration.


Vikela Afrika Waste Care is predominantly in the business to provide a turn key solution for managing medical waste in a responsible and environmentally acceptable manner. We provide disposable SABS approved containers as well as some larger re-useable containers for managing an institutions waste. We have purpose designed vehicles to collect and transport medical waste. All staff handling this waste are properly trained and equipped with the necessary protective wear to minimize the chance of an incident. Phillip Chonco have more than 20 years combined experience in the Medical Waste Industry having worked for competing medical waste companies as well as running our own company for the past three and a half years.



Vikela Afrika’s vision is to provide innovative solutions to waste management in Africa. We will continually strive to achieve one hundred percent compliance with environmental regulations. We wish to form long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our suppliers. We undertake to continually improve the medical waste industry in South Africa and other countries that we may operate in the future.


To be the leaders in medical waste industry
To grow the industry in each of the major provinces by establishing new treatment plants
To expand into neighboring countries
To provide an environment for our staff to become self empowered
To provide training programs to our clients to enhance the industry and safe handling of medical waste
To continually look for improvements in product design and available treatment technologies


Medical waste management in South Africa is a crisis, both in government and the private health care, systems are either insufficient or non-existent. Illegal dumping of medical waste with general waste on unsuitable landfill sites is a common phenomenon, especially in the rural areas. Generally, methods used to destroy and dispose medical waste in South Africa is unacceptable with very few exceptions. Vikela Afrika has a team of experts that deals with:







Vikela Afrika also provides Health care risk waste management training targeting medical personnel and waste handlers. The training covers the following


HIV / AIDS Programme


Current trends in HCWM in South Africa


Segregation of Health Care Waste


Collection of Health Care Waste


Storage of Health Care Waste


Transportation of Health Care Waste


Treatment of Health Care Waste


Disposal of Health Care Waste


The relevance of generic management functions to Health Care Waste Management


Systems approach to Health Care Waste


The relevant legislation to Health Care Waste Management


Definition of health care waste (HCW) and Health Care Waste Management (HCWM)



Managing Member

Phillip Chonco has more than 20 years experience in the Medical Waste industry. 

It was always Phillips intention to get back into the Medical Waste industry and after serving more than three years restraint is now free to again work in this industry.

Phillip will be in charge of Business Development in growing the business to new heights.

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